Real Life

Gratefulness in the Midst of a Pandemic

It’s crazy guys.  No one ever saw social distancing, stores and businesses closing and shortage of toilet paper on the horizon. I’ve never seen so many people panic while facing unknowns, felt for the heavy burden of parents without work, or heard so many complaints about wanting “normal” back. It’s crazy how much can change… Continue reading Gratefulness in the Midst of a Pandemic


Dear Dreamer, Take That Bold Step

Dear Fellow Dreamer, What’s holding you back from pursuing that something you’re passionate about? I was recently asked this question and forced myself to answer and then pondered for the rest of that week a couple main reasons why I hold back when I know I’m supposed to be doing that special something. I learned… Continue reading Dear Dreamer, Take That Bold Step


Starting November Out Strong

First... *throws confetti* *sounds the trumpets* The Author’s Attic is celebrating its one year anniversary. (how can that be?! :O) *hands out celebratory muffins* Because you know when there’s celebration with Rolena there’s muffins involved. 🙂 I’m so grateful to all you friends who’ve stuck it out with me for the year, or joined me… Continue reading Starting November Out Strong