Dear Dreamer, Take That Bold Step

Dear Fellow Dreamer, What’s holding you back from pursuing that something you’re passionate about? I was recently asked this question and forced myself to answer and then pondered for the rest of that week a couple main reasons why I hold back when I know I’m supposed to be doing that special something. I learned… Continue reading Dear Dreamer, Take That Bold Step


Starting November Out Strong

First... *throws confetti* *sounds the trumpets* The Author’s Attic is celebrating its one year anniversary. (how can that be?! :O) *hands out celebratory muffins* Because you know when there’s celebration with Rolena there’s muffins involved. 🙂 I’m so grateful to all you friends who’ve stuck it out with me for the year, or joined me… Continue reading Starting November Out Strong

Short Stories

Darkstone Island – Part One – Reluctant Heroes

Hey friends!  *excitedsqueals* 😀 Coming from the Attic for you today is the first part of a story series I'll be posting throughout the summer entitled Darkstone Island. (If you didn't catch the synopsis you can find it on my author's FB page.) I have to share first that this story is really special, because there… Continue reading Darkstone Island – Part One – Reluctant Heroes