IMG_1070Rolena is a country loving girl who wears cowgirl boots and has dreamed of being Cinderella since she was, like, four. She has an explosive imagination that leads her on crazy adventures in other worlds, yet she somehow always ends up back at her desk with a pencil and cup of coffee in hand. Beside writing at late night hours and devouring books, she has a tremendous love of music and musical theater. She blames them both for not being able to stay off a stage since age eleven, becoming a vocal teacher and directing dramas.

Her favorite places to be are up in her Attic, outside for a romp or any place with people. On her shelf of favorite books you’ll find The False Prince, The Prisoner of Zenda, Once on This Island, The Choosing, Princess Academy and The Lost Girl of Astor Street.

Her favorite thing to do is laugh.

Though she has tried to stop writing, she’s never been able too and has no intentions of doing so in the near future. Or ever for that matter.

She is on the staff of Story Embers which has kept her writing dreams alive and has blessed her with many “writerly” friends.  (because, you know, when you spend much of your time in an Attic friends are hard to come by 🙂 )

Her future plans are to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to concoct an ingenious plan to catch a pet squirrel. All past attempts to catch said pet squirrel have ended in failure.


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It’s been a long time in the making.

As a kid, I used to pull out my dad’s work ladder to climb into the little space above the “kid territory” in our house, back then known as the loft.
Up there I built worlds with the little figurines I had bought with my own savings. They stormed castles, rescued princesses, slayed mighty dragons and found the buried treasure. Ships flew, animals talked and both of my younger siblings were entertained for hours. All on the six by seven square foot of carpet that wasn’t used for storage.

Believe it or not, we managed to fit two air mattress up there for fun overnight stays.
And then I stopped playing with the figurines and began writing out their stories.

A bookshelf was put in the Attic.

Then began the age that the loft that was known as the Library. Which came with a library ladder of course. Little by little, the bookshelf collected more and more books and some dust. It was time to get a second bookshelf.

A whole November was spent up in that library writing over 50,000 words.

A beanbag and a moon chair later, I was there reading every spare moment I could find. A pushpin board found it’s place on the wall and a novel outline was pinned upon it.
A desk for the laptop was hauled up and my family dubbed it with a name once they found I spent most of my time there.

The Author’s Attic.