What Writing Looks Like Now

I’ve become quieter about my writing.

As I’ve happily given my time and focus to other things in life (marriage and church and growing my collection of all things squirrels), writing has become more of a hobby these last two years. I’ve taken the pressure off of myself to meet a quota of words and push myself to learn new techniques.

Oddly enough, I’ve relished this season of writing and have still learned more ways to hone my skills along the way.

Most of my growth happened as a writer while I was creating a story in 2022 about angry, angry characters who all lived in very dark situations. Firstly I learned I’m more of a happy ending sort of author (haha who would’ve guessed from my never ending optimism that I liked a good happy ending. Thanks to my husband who helped point this out when I was pulling my hair out over this story). Secondly I practiced a very fun tool called “letting the character know things that they don’t reveal to the reader until later in the story” mwahaha. 

And that some characters have a hard time keeping a secret XD.

Once I knew for sure that I wasn’t going to see what I refer to as my “angry characters story” through, I took some time to devote to reading and searching for a new story. In that time I nearly gave up my dream of being an author because of an ingenious book called Dune (thanks for that mid career crisis, Herbert. But seriously go read Dune).

I then stumbled upon an old idea. It’s currently in the development stages of growing into a book outline. XD

So, what does writing look like now?

I really like this app called Writer+. It’s a perfect on the go note taker for writers who want to jot down an idea and keep things organized enough to make sense of it for later use. I’ve been using that often so that I can feel the freedom to brainstorm outside of set aside writing time.

I had transitioned last year into writing on google docs for a while, but I missed the feel of being more purposeful in organizing my ideas and chapters on Scrivener. I’m back into the Scrivener habit now, which helps me be more purposeful about setting aside time to write.

My critique partner and I have devoted more time to conversation about writing and where we’re at and where we’re going. It’s super motivating!

Also, my husband is my personal cheerleader. He’s kept my love of writing alive and well and I appreciate his devoted support as well as his knowledge of elemental powers. XD

I’m definitely a lot quieter about my writing. I don’t post as much about it. Or live and breathe writing as much as I used to. Or pop into the writing community as often. 

However I’ve still been steadily plodding along towards some goals and hoping here in 2023 to get back into a few more habits such as posting blog posts. 🙂

Thanks for spending a few moments with me today!

What are some goals/habits you want to incorporate into 2023?

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