Why You Should Attend A Writer’s Conference

So I’ve fallen in love with this thing called a writer’s conference. ❤

Have you ever been to one?! It’s where all the word nerds, story lovers and costume wearers gather and geek out. XD (as the pictures below indicate 😉 )


They also happen to be super educational. I always come back with my passion to write overflowing with inspiration to keep molding my craft in excellence.

I’ve been to three writer’s conferences now. My first was last year. I stood by the two people I knew and didn’t do anything scary like talk to published authors and scary editors. And when someone asked about what I wrote I stuttered out a couple sentences about this thing I was writing that had a plot and characters in it. 😛

So if you, my writing friend, have never been to a writer’s conference, my first suggestion is that you look one up and attend. 🙂 It’s so worth it. Secondly, here’s a couple things I wish I’d known/done at my first conference.

Take a Deep Breath and Talk with People (even the scary professionals 🙂 )

Because these people are here to help you. And because these people are amazing. Also know that people are so approachable. They really are glad to answer your questions and support your passion. So don’t be afraid to talk with them. They have a lot of writerly wisdom to bestow.

And you never know when you’ll make a life long friend after meeting someone in the conference bookstore. 😀

But What In The World Am I Going to Say To a Professional Author or Scarier Yet an Agent/Editor?!

My problem was I wasn’t really sure what to ask them. I felt like I had a thousand questions bubbling in my brain but once I was standing face to face with an literary agent, my tongue was suddenly tied and I’d mutter something about liking their workshop and nervously asking if they’d sign my notebook.

Lesson learned.

Take some time before the conference to sit down and write out three questions you want to ask someone who’s already walked the writing/publishing road. I usually narrow down to the three questions that will help me take the next steps in my writing journey.

Are you stuck in your story? Ask them what inspires them when they’re stuck.

Are you in the rewriting process? Ask them how to know when a manuscript is ready.

Researching publishing? Ask them how to find a good editor.

Having questions prepared really helped me make the most of my time while I was around the best kind of famous people. 🙂

So What Do You Write?

Everyone here is going to be super curious about what you’re working on! So instead of trying to stumble around and figure out in front of the people “what in the world is it that I actually write?” (aka how Rolena did it) try to sum your current book up in one to three sentences and then memorize it. 🙂

It’s super helpful so that when someone asks you can confidently look them in the eye and say, “Well sir, my current book is about a squirrel that is accidentally shot off into space and discovers a human civilization on Neptune. Unfortunately for him there’s not nuts on Neptune and the squirrel is allergic to all other food substance.” 

Soak in All the Things

Writer’s conferences are the only place you can meet these people face to face and learn from their writing journeys. I’m so glad there is such a place like this for us writers. When you’re there, relax and have a blast and enjoy all the writerly people all in one place.

Soak in all the bookish feels. Soak in the wisdom. Soak in the passion.

You’ll probably come home exploding with passion and a thundering heartbeat ready to get back to writing with zest.


Have you attended a writer’s conference? How do you like to prepare? If not are you thinking of attending one? 🙂


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