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Where Did Rolena Go?

*peeks out from behind her hands*

Hey friends. *sighs*

I’ve been waiting for this day to come ever since I started a blog. The day I realize I haven’t posted since May. I had so many sparkling plans for this blog over the summer and here we are midsummer and the blog’s been silent.

I can’t take back time and change that, but I can offer chocolate chip muffins to whoever is brave enough to visit this quiet place today. *throws muffins everywhere*

So where did I go and what have I been doing? Lots of places and things. 🙂

  1. Such as finishing a novel and rewriting it and rewriting it and rewriting it…
  2. Reading some of the best books ever!! (The Story Peddler, The Traitor’s Game ❤ )
  3. Playing Pomp and Circumstance for my sister’s graduation! *throws confetti*
  4. Meeting up with this kinda cool team of writers who just happen to run a pretty great writer’s site. (not biased or anything :D)img_0212.jpg
  5. Attending writers conferences!
  6. Directing a drama
  7. Planning for a writers camp in August!

Anyone else have a summer schedule like this? So many good things happening!

Random thought:

So amongst all these happenings and the usual summery activities (grill outs, volleyball, swimming, reading in the sunshine, running barefoot in the grass, weeding the garden, eating loads of ice cream 🙂 ) I’ve been reminded of the importance of guarding that quiet time with the Lord. My Bible and a cup of cherry lemonade on the deck is the ideal place. 😉

Summer is always filled to the brim with planned weeks out of town, spontaneous swimming trips, coffee shops dates with friends that it’s easy to blow past that quiet time and on to the next activity. Does anyone else feel like they just don’t function right without that time spent in the Word each day or is it just me?

Well… now at least you know I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. And I’ll be back with some more blog related things I’ve been working on. 🙂

So, what’ve you been doing over this glorious summer?

17 thoughts on “Where Did Rolena Go?”

  1. *Jumps up and catches a muffin*
    This summer I’ve been doing college stuff and having fun with my new blog!
    ( )


  2. Oh my gosh! Was Traitor’s Game good? I’m dying to read it! How’s your book coming, by the way? Congrats to your sister!! Mine graduates this upcoming May 🙂 By the way, I adore that picture. It’s so good! I love how the left side is not even paying attention to the camera. Y’all are just having a blast and it makes me smile. 😀 Writer’s conferences! Ah! One day I will go!! Directing a drama sounds…dramatic XD No, I meant complicated and kudos to you! *band geek* I never was much of a drama girl, but I love when programs work together! Ooh, writer’s camp sounds intriguing!!

    My summer’s been…kind of weird. Job hunting, apartment hunting, moving, etc. Lots of juggling of responsibility and family and functions and LOTS of driving and road trips between states. So, crazy here too. And now I’ve volunteered for my sister’s band camp. *facepalm* We’re almost through the first week! We can do this!!

    As for your random thought, you know, I don’t think it’s so random. I actually have had the same thought today, in fact. I had to be up super early for band camp and then I kind of crashed when I came home, so I didn’t make reading a priority when I woke up. I’ve noticed over the last few years that when I don’t read in the morning, I don’t read. And the days I don’t read are usually much more stressful and taxing. I’m grumpier and more sensitive. It’s like I don’t have the right frame of mind or the right tools to face the day. Plus, I just feel disheartened. I need my alone time with God. It keeps me anchored.


    1. Traitor’s Game is now on my exclusive, snobbish shelf of favorite books. (interpret as Traitor’s Game was AMAZING!!!) I love Neilsen’s writing style. Once you read it, lemme know whatcha think 😉
      Haha! Yes I love that picture too. ❤
      Yes you should go to a writers conference! They're the best thing ever!
      You're not wrong in saying dramas are… dramatic 😉 Fun times! (also great learning opportunities!)
      You go girl! You can do this! Also, that's a big summer (full of surprises and changes it sounds like) I'll pray for your hunt (for a job and apartment) to be successful!

      Aww, look at how God does things like that! Yes, it keeps me anchored too 🙂 So cool that we had the same thought!

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      1. Oops! Almost forgot 🙂 Thanks for asking about my book! It’s coming… haha, no it really is. I just got an amazing critique partner (last month) who’s helped me muster up the courage to find and face the problems in my story and rewrite it so I end up loving it. ❤

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      2. I keep meaning to get on the critique thread and give you feedback on the first chapter! It’s on my to-do list and I’m really excited to do it. If not this weekend, maybe next! I promise I’ll get there! Critique partners are wonderful! It’s nice to have feedback that’s honest and productive too. They’re cheerleaders for the project and they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. So, congrats! That’s super exciting!


      3. I LOVED, like LOVED the Ascendance Trilogy, so I’m dying to try something new by Neilsen. I could just regobble up the trilogy, but this is SO exciting! I will do! I’ll have to find a copy of it somewhere.

        I’ve heard more about them since SE than I ever have before, so I’m still trying to figure out how to find them and sign up for them, etc. But, they sound life-changing!

        That’s true. Making great memories! Band kids have a similar relationship that you find with the drama kids. It’s the art that draws you together as a group, working on something bigger than yourself, and all the crazy rehearsals where life just happens. 🙂

        Absolutely. It’s been insane. I landed a job, and got really excited about it. An elementary school position, even with my baby brother’s class. Then a few days later, the principal texted me and said they couldn’t hire me like she said. So, my emotions are taxed to the max and the summer is coming down to it. I may end up doing alternate work for the year, like two part time jobs, if I can’t find a full time teaching position here soon. Anywho, totally TMI. XD Thanks for your prayers! I need them!

        I love how He brings us together, too! It’s amazing how he uses His followers to encourage and support one another, even without their knowing!

        Happy weekend!!! ❤


      4. YAY! AND YES FIND A COPY SOMEWHERE! ❤ Oh wow, sorry to hear the elementary school position didn't work out. 😦 (also, I happen to be totally cool with TMI so… 😛 ) I'll keep praying!

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  3. All those things you listed, sounds like you’ve had a very busy and productive summer. Seems like you’ve been doing a lot of work on your book, which is exciting. What’s it about?
    I have personally been struggling to spend time alone with God every day lately. But I’ve been told that’s not a bad thing. If I’m struggling it means I’m trying and God can use that.

    Glad to see you back! *noms muffin happily*


    1. Hey Jemma! Thanks for popping in to enjoy a muffin. 🙂
      This book is about how on an island the first female chief fights a strange main lander and his otherworldly devices to save her people from enslavement. (you can find out a bit more on my books page 🙂 )
      That is so true! God says His strength is made perfect in our weakness. (He has many opportunities to show strength in my life 😛 ) Great thought!

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  4. Rolena, I’ve been here, simply waiting for a chocolate muffin or two. 😉 Seriously, though, exciting to hear about all your news. Sometimes it’s good to de-internet and meet with folks face to face… I’ve been doing much of the same: attending writer’s conferences, reading (TONS) of books, and editing for my clients. And enjoying the flower garden of impatiens. Oh, and working furiously on editing my historical fiction novel.


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