Book Giveaway! (and the b&w challenge)

Happy Monday, friends!  I know I just posted. And I'm breaking my own rules by posting more than twice a month. *gasp* #rulebreaker BUT... I don't want y'all to miss out on this great book giveaway by Enclave Publishing. If you haven't entered already that is. 🙂 (They're a Christian Speculative Fiction Publishing Company) They're… Continue reading Book Giveaway! (and the b&w challenge)


It’s Not Our Time Part 1 (and your NaNoWriMo breather)

I thought I’d pop into your Saturday morning and distract you from your NaNoWriMo writing. Anyone else participating in that epic event this year? I know how important it is not to get distracted, so I’ll just say this blog post isn’t a distraction, but a quick break when you need to give your fried… Continue reading It’s Not Our Time Part 1 (and your NaNoWriMo breather)