Pursuing Writing: The Puzzle Pieces

Hey friends! Thanks for dropping by the Attic today. 🙂

Last post I shared why I decided to pursue writing. (Should I Pursue My Writing???) I mentioned how making that decision didn’t happen overnight, but how it felt more like puzzle pieces coming together into one glorious answer.

Today I’d love to share some vital puzzle pieces (aka resources!) in my writer’s journey that helped me take those first steps in knowing whether writing was a passing hobby, or a passion worth pursuing. Hope it’s helpful for you, my writing friend, who’s wondering if writing is something you should heartily pursue.


Start the Vision

Let’s say, like me, your dream is to write and publish a novel.

I knew if I was ever going to be serious about getting that novel written and even considered for publication, I was going to need a goal and some accountability. Otherwise writing was going to get pushed to the side. Again.

So I simply gave my writing the time it would need to pursue it. Like testing a writer’s schedule out.

I set aside Mondays and Wednesdays to write. (Mondays in my Attic and Wednesdays at the local coffee shop :P)

Guess what happened? My mom saw me taking writing seriously (it also helped when I actually told her I was exploring pursuing it) and helped me set up a writers get away where I literally spent four whole days doing nothing but writing. (pure bliss!)

I found I loved a writer’s schedule. (even the insane hours writers keep :P) No surprise there. If you want to make your vision of a finished novel happen, try giving writing the time it needs. Set a goal and then find someone(s) who can help you stick to that schedule.



I have friends who check up on my writing progress weekly (and I theirs 😉 ). #lovemywritingpeeps We win together and we fall behind together. 🙂 But if a huge part of pursuing writing is actually getting the writing done, there’s no better way to do it than talk to someone (who understands your geeky side) and then makes sure you do what you said you would. (My partners are firm but gracious when I fall short of my goals 😛 )

It’s so motivating to pursue something when you can do it alongside someone walking the same journey. If I didn’t have anyone cheering me on and pushing me forward in my writing I never would have believed I could pursue it.

If you’re thinking right now, “Where did Rolena find all these nerdy writers? I thought I was the only one alive on planet earth!”

Then I highly recommend checking out the new writing website that just launched, Story Embers. It’s been a pleasure being on staff to say the least with so many other authors (and authoresses 😉 ) who are dedicated to inspire and guide Christian writers of all ages to bring God glory through excellent craftsmanship. You’ll find many like minded word nerds here. 😛 (our forum goes live soon so stay tuned!) 

You’ll also find some at YWW , Go Teen Writers and Kingdom Pen.

Invest in Growth

The last puzzle piece I’ll mention is the resources I (and my parents) invested in to grow in my writing. If you want to pursue anything there’s always the starting foundation of learning that helps put the whole picture together.


In Conclusion I’d Like to Say…

All of that to say, you don’t have to follow these steps as a list you have to accomplish before you know you should pursue writing. These were the stepping stones, the puzzle pieces that helped me learn and grow to know I wanted to pursue writing. If you’re still unsure about pursuing writing but believe it’s something you should give a try, pick one of the resources above and commit to it for a set time.

Oh and don’t forget to be praying your way through this journey. That helps put all these puzzle pieces into place so you’ll know what you should be pursuing.


Have any questions about pursuing writing? Reach out to me, I’d love to talk! (I’m a word nerd too!)

4 thoughts on “Pursuing Writing: The Puzzle Pieces”

  1. Finding a community is very important and the best thing is it doesn’t even have to be writers. I have a group of some of my best friends and just bc I’m me I talk about my writing and so they started asking about it more often and now it’s an almost daily topic of discussion and it’s just very encouraging and exciting to surround yourself with people like that. Make sure your writing accountability partners care about you, not just your writing.
    Thank you for your words and helpful tips! (Also, coffee shop writing sounds amazing but I can’t stand the smell. I need to come up with an alternative. Maybe ice cream shop? #notgettinganythinner)


  2. Another lovely post, Rolena (and Brandon’s comment is pretty neat too)! 🙂 I definitely agree that a writing schedule helps (I don’t know where I’d be without one). I don’t think I could write in a coffee shop though, or an ice cream shop, or really anywhere with people (I even have to close my door to concentrate sometimes! 😅). I haven’t tried some of the other suggestions, but I think I might try some of them (especially with the guild opening up soon. I’m so excited!).


    1. Thanks for reading, Mariposa! My siblings can be really loud, so they’ve given me some practice in blocking out all the noise. But I usually take some earbuds along 🙂 Let me know how trying some of them goes! (so excited for the guilds!)


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