Recommended Reading by Rolena

“The Choosing” by Rachelle Dekker

Fun fact: Until recently, I was the only avid reader in my family. Now I get the benefit of adding my sister’s books to my bookshelf. 🙂

I truly love a bookshelf full of delicious reads. It’s like gazing over a wall of family photos remembering special moments I’ve had with each member. Except in this case I get to gaze over my “family” from other worlds, remembering how late I stayed up to hear “Aunt” Jo tell me about the March sister adventures, and “cousin” Miri retell how she first learned to quarry speak.

Each book has a special memory connected to it.

Let me tell you about how “The Choosing” and I became friends. 🙂

How “The Choosing” And I First Met

We don’t go far back. I was at my favorite book store scouring the shelves for anything that sounded adventurous and clean. After bypassing about four dozen romance novels, I pulled “The Choosing” off the shelf. By Rachelle Dekker. Any relation to famous author Ted Dekker? After a quick check on the author’s bio page I found my assumption was correct.

I’ve never read any of Mr. Dekker’s books, but suddenly I was very curious what his daughter would write about. The synopsis was intriguing. So I brought “The Choosing” home with me and the poor dear was added to a growing stack of to-reads.

I ignored her for about a month because of her daunting size. She had a long life story and I wanted the proper time to invest in our friendship. So I introduced myself (started reading) to a couple other shorter acquaintances (books), both of which I ended up tossing in the trash. 😦 (don’t get lost in the metaphor, these are books not people. I never toss people in the trash :p )

The Choosing was my next friend to meet. I thought we could have an introductory meeting over coffee. Brief and to the point. I cracked her cover and read the first chapter. Next thing I knew, it’d been two days, the book was finished, and I had a new bestie.

Where Proper Introductions Are Made…

Enough about our backstory; allow me to introduce you to my new friend, “The Choosing”.

Dekker takes heroine, Carrington on a journey when she’s ripped from everything she’s prepared her whole life for, to serve with the lowest level of society, where everything she’d been taught to believe, is questioned by rumors of a rebellion. When she’s offered a life of everything she’s ever dreamed, she must uncover the truth before it destroys her. Oh and there’s a killer on the loose.

“The Choosing”, is a dystopian novel, with a plot that reminds me of a futuristic day, Reformation. Rachelle’s writing voice is elegant and relatable. The characters are interesting and lovable. Oh, and don’t let the thickness deter you from reading this the instant you lay hands on a copy. It’s an easy read, the story flow seamless to the very end.

the_choosingOut of the dystopian books I’ve read, this is my among my favorites. It leaves me far from hopeless at the end and isn’t as dark as some novels in this genre are painted to be.

There. Now that I’ve introduced you, it’s up to you, to go make friends with “The Choosing”.

If you’re not as extroverted as I am, and have more questions about who “The Choosing” really is (aka content) before you jump in with both feet to get to know her, send me a message. I’d be happy to tell you more about her. 🙂

What book are you currently reading? What’s one book you’d recommend be added to an avid reader’s list?

7 thoughts on “Recommended Reading by Rolena”

  1. Now I really want to read this! I love the way you described the books as friends, and family. I will look this up…..


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