Aww! You dropped by my Books page. I’m honored. 🙂

“So what kind of projects are being concocted in that Attic of yours?”

Such a great question! Well now you don’t even have to climb my Attic ladder to find out. *drumroll* Ta-da! Take a peek below for a glimpse of what going on up in the rafters of my house.



Genre: YA Superhero

Progress: Macro editing the first draft.

Tagline: How much would you give to have powers?

Main Character: Jayce Owens


The Always Series

Always Been– Book One 


A girl’s island is invaded by other-worlders. She must either stay and protect her people or take a chance to leave the life she never asked for.

Progress: Editing the third draft.


The Always Series 

(Secret title!) Book Two

Kallie Maccada’s been ripped from her tropical world and tossed into one she’ll never be a part of. Can she make it back home before everything she knows and loves is destroyed forever.  

Progress: First Draft at 10% complete


The Always Series

(The time will come when this title will be revealed 🙂 ) Book Three

Kallie Maccada has one shot at returning her people to their homeland. Trouble is others have made it to her home before she could. That and she has no idea where in the world her people are.

Progress: Continual brainstorming sessions when I should be sleeping