Dear Dreamer, Take That Bold Step

Dear Fellow Dreamer,

What’s holding you back from pursuing that something you’re passionate about?

I was recently asked this question and forced myself to answer and then pondered for the rest of that week a couple main reasons why I hold back when I know I’m supposed to be doing that special something.

I learned that sometimes I lack the courage and trust it takes to go all out and pursue my passions. And I want to share with you the reasons why.

#1 Fear

Every dreamer faces fears in the pursuit of doing what they love. Whether it’s risking what we know as normality, having to go it alone, or risking it all.

I fear hurt and disappointment that will down the road land in a big pile of regrets. So I often “play it safe” avoiding many risks that could help make the dream possible. It’s like believing that when I “step out on the ice” I’ll break through any second and God will have to come scoop me out again a dripping wet, soggy mess.

So I don’t step out at all. Instead I poke the frozen pond from the shore, throws heavy things at it and tie a rope around my waist for a backup plan. And then bite my lip and hope the dream will come true anyway.

But honey, when God says go we shouldn’t stop to test the ice first. We run.

He’s running with us, holding our hands so that when the ice does break during times of hardship, He’s holding on so we won’t go under.

So I’m going to take risks and be brave. God’s an incredible guide. But He can’t take me amazing places if I’m standing frozen in place.

#2 Doubts

There will be hiccups when pursuing dreams. Sometimes there’ll be heartbreaking discouragement and pain.

When these happen I often find myself saying…

IT’S A SIGN. I choose the wrong dream.  

It’s a sign. I’ll just give up in the end. Why even try?  

It’s a sign that I’m not a good enough to make anything great come from this.

But I actually found those hiccups and hardships are just a sign that I need to check where my confidence lies. If my confidence lies in myself to make it safely across the ice, then of course I’m going to struggle with doubts and give in to the lies Doubt feeds me. On my own strength I’m unsteady on my feet.

But if my confidence is in God– who delighted to give me this passion in the first place– I can trust that I will make it to the far shore. IN ONE PIECE!

So I’m going to trust that He has me, just where I’m supposed to be and press onward.

I Want To Go All In! So… now what?

Even once we put our trust and confidence in God and chase hard after that dream, it’s still easy to get overwhelmed by all the steps of the journey that lay before us. Dreams take sweat, tears and some take years to come to fruition.

So ask yourself, what’s the first step to going all out?

What’s the one next thing I’ve been holding back on?

For me it was being bold about setting a writing deadline for myself (I often underestimate my ability to meet a self-set deadline) and then meeting the goal by saying no to a few projects I could’ve tried to squeeze in.

That seems like a small step, but for me it was a HUGE deal because now I know that it IS possible to meet deadlines (a word that still kinda scares me) but who knows what else I’ll accomplish by setting more deadlines! 😀

What about you? What bold next step are you going to take?

Leave a comment or send me an email! Tell me about the next step you’re going to take toward your dream so I can cheer you on!

Until next time friend!

Keep dreaming,


8 thoughts on “Dear Dreamer, Take That Bold Step”

  1. Great post. It can be SUPER hard to take that step, but we sometimes have to remember, that if we keep waiting for “later” later might never come – time goes by so quickly, and after all, we’re only in this life ONCE, so why not throw all we have at it?

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  2. I live this post so much! I love the analogy! I love the encouragement. You always have just the right words to say. 😊 Just this week, I took the step to write down a word goal. I even made a giant thermometer to track my progress! And, what I didn’t realize, was that I already had 12,000+ words on this story! I’ve been writing out scenes as they come, but now I want to try to create an outline, a plan, and be intentional with this story for the first time ever in my writing journey!


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